Our principal for Magnetic Particle Testing chemicals for aerospace sectors is “Eishin Kagaku Ltd – Japan”. Eishin was founded in 1957, and the company has been growing along with the development of Japanese industries and has been supporting the expansion of industries. We now are recognized as an NDT specialist in a wide range of fields such as Nuclear power plants, steel, aviation, automobile, power generation, electronics, architecture.

Our trade name for Fluorescent Magnetic chemical is called “Magnatron” .MAGNATRON gives a good contrast of any defects against the background and has high sensitivity. The desired one can be selected out of abundant types. And also, BLENDEX and MAGNATRON OIL can suspend magnetic particles very well.

AMS-2644 – U.S Air Force – Japan Self-Defense Force – Aircraft Engine Makers-Aircraft manufacturers in U.S. and U.K., etc


Fluorescent magnetic particles

Non-Fluorescent magnetic particles