Radiography Testing

This method is to determine whether defect exists by reflecting the image on a film and CRT and penetrating radioactive ray of X-ray, 􀇱-ray, etc into the object to be inspected.

It is possible to see actual image of inner defect as it is, and a protective device is required against radioactive rays and only trained professional personnel can treat this work.

Applicable irrespective of material of the object to be inspected

  • Instant calling out of the radiographic condition with simplified memory A standard exposure chart is self-contained to allow radiography at the touch of a button. A corrective function is provided for the standard exposure condition (patent pending). Exposure conditions decided by the user can be stored (100 conditions in max.) to enable radiography always in an optimum condition.
  • Easy-to-handle, reliable radiography An automatic aging function is provided so the required time for aging is set up automatically. Automatic control is made of the halt time to prevent improper operation (exposure over 6min). The tube voltage can be adjusted in 2kV steps so that radiographic operation can be performed precisely.
  • Consideration given to operational productivity and safety Large switch buttons are mounted on the operation panel of the controller so the operator can conduct unerring operation even with gloves on. In addition to providing a safety key switch, an interlock (door switch) circuit and output terminals for X-ray generation warning, a fail-safe X-RAY lamp is mounted for full safety.