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SY -75WD (Concentrated Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Suspension)

This concentrated magnetic suspension SY-75WD is easy to use.You only need water to obtain ready-to-use suspension. The contained additives are sufficient for nearly all cases.

Special Feature

  • SY-75WD already contains wetting agent and rust inhibitor.
  • Mainly recommended for medium and fine cracks (semi-finished products).
  • 100L of magnetic particle suspension is obtained from 500mL of SY-75WD(recommended concentration:1.0g/L)

Typical Property

  • Appearance greenish black under natural light bright yellow-green under black light
  • Particle size 2~5μm
  • Volume of settled particles 0.1~0.2mL/100mL (two hundred times diluted suspension)

Preparation for Suspension

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Prepare SY-75WD at rate of 5mL per 1 liter water.(recommended concentration:1.0g/L)
  • Pour into bath water, and stir the magnetic particle suspension by pump etc.
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